About Casetrax

The Casetrax Difference

Casetrax is a new cloud scheduling mobile application headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The focus of Casetrax streamlines the communication between surgical center staff, individual surgeons, and medical device vendor reps. Casetrax’s features include real-time case notifications and access to case calendars. The business is owned and co-founded by Mr. John Breen, Mr. Jim Evans, and Mr. Dave Franklin, whose entrepreneurial spirit and experience in business and project management will be driving forces behind the app’s continued success.

Designed as a user-friendly tool to enhance efficiency and overall patient care, the market of potential customers includes ambulatory surgical centers and larger hospitals and healthcare systems, which currently use a slow and confusing array of communication points. Surgical center staff, physicians, nurses, and vendor reps may constitute a notable portion of the app’s users.

The marketing strategy of the business includes word-of-mouth marketing, strategic partnerships with ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals, and testimonial marketing from industry thought leaders to attract customers and drive repeat business.

Our Features

Surgeons are more informed from the start

Push notifications & reminders for RNs

Preference cards built right into the app

Streamlines processes for device companies

Frees up RN/Admin to spend more time with patients

Daily case status calendar natively in dashboard

Fully responsive web application

Boosts academic research with tracking capabilities

Point of care automated solution

Seamless EMR/PM system integration

Paperless patient surgery scheduling

Streamlined workflow and logistics

Reporting capabilities

Compliance support

Calendar compatibility

Add X-Rays to each case